Contrasting Stories A hands-on session for the Universidad Catolica de Valencia, Spain


Philippe Smet
This session was about how photographers and video-journalists create their own reality in their images, emphasizing on making students aware of the story behind the images, they get to see in everyday life. After the introductory lecture they went out to create their own contrasting stories. If you click on the links, you can see some of the results. I would like to thank all the students for their co-operation and Raquel Blave for the invitation.
Evy Moerman Sandra Hornero Maria Fuertes
Justine Verfaille Anais Cornet Sanne Herni Lise De Vogelas
Nereida Gandia Ana Molina Sofie Willemen Miriam Esther Barteld Marlies
Jorge Pastor
Lois Borsje Marente Querido
Adrian Alfaro Tatiana Constantí Ortiz Pablo Andrés Inglės Ana Rubio Seppe Peeter Isabelle Kraack